The 4-month process of buying a gun in Japan

It was fall in Tokyo, and Saki Arai needed a gun. Saki manages the Bistro Hibino and wanted to hunt wild game for her farm-to-table restaurant. If Saki lived in, say,... Read more

The Link Between Sexual Violence And Gun Violence

Last month, our nation was whipsawed by mass murder in Las Vegas and mass predations in Hollywood. The proximity of the Harvey Weinstein revelations to the Vegas massacre was certainly... Read more

‘You’re a Quadriplegic’: A Las Vegas Victim Faces a Hard Reality

“This is your life,” the doctor said. “You’re a quadriplegic.” When she heard the news, Kim Gervais broke down. The tears rolled out, and her daughter clasped her mother’s head,... Read more

Cub Scout Is Exiled After Pressing Legislator on Guns

When a group of Cub Scouts met with a Colorado state senator this month, they asked her about some of the most controversial topics in the nation: gun control, the... Read more

Treat gun violence like cancer

I have metastatic colon cancer and, like the families grieving from the mass shooting in Las Vegas, I have the thoughts and prayers of almost everyone I know. But it's... Read more

Nearly 900 people dead in gun violence since Las Vegas massacre

Nearly 900 people have been killed, and almost 2,000 wounded, by American gun violence since the Las Vegas shooting gripped the world's attention at the beginning of this month. Read more

"It’s been eight years since my husband tried to kill me."

It’s been eight years since my husband tried to kill me. Eight years since he shot me four times. Eight years since my 12-year-old daughter saw me running from the... Read more

One mass shooting every day: Seven facts about gun violence in America

Stephen Paddock's gun attack at a Las Vegas country music festival has left at least 59 people dead. The frequency of this kind of event risks anaesthetising us to the number of people... Read more


Mass shootings have taken place consistently throughout American history, in every region of the country. Over the last 30 years, however, assault weapons and firearms equipped with largecapacity ammunition magazines—which... Read more

As A Teacher (and A Mom), This Is What I Have To Say About Gun Violence Prevention

I am sickened, disgusted, and fed up. I call my legislators every day, and nothing changes. The NRA blood money keeps buying inaction. I lost it with the staffers today.... Read more

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