The Age of the Downloadable Gun Begins

A rare event occurred on Capitol Hill at the end of 2013: Republicans and Democrats agreed on a sensible, if modest, measure to continue regulating guns made from plastic. Now... Read more

5 People Dead, 2 Injured In ‘Targeted’ Capital Gazette Shooting

“This person was prepared today to come in, this person was prepared to shoot people,” a deputy police chief said. Read more

8 wounded Thursday in city gun violence

Eight people, including two women in their 40s, were wounded Thursday in city shootings. The last shooting during the 24-hour period wounded a 16-year-old boy in the Washington Park neighborhood... Read more

The surprising way gun violence is dividing America

More mental health care alone will not stop gun violence

Gun violence remains a highly controversial issue in the wake of school shootings in Parkland, Florida, and other communities. At such times, politicians seem compelled to offer the public solutions. Read more

Students begin tour to address gun violence

The nation’s contentious debate about guns came here this weekend, to a small, nondescript South Side park in a city where violence is rampant and the homicide count is escalating.... Read more

Another bloody weekend in Chicago: 9 dead, 45 wounded in gun violence

CHICAGO — At least nine people were killed and 45 others were wounded over the weekend in shootings, an ugly turn for the nation's third-largest city as it made progress stemming the murder... Read more

On an Average Day, 96 Americans Die By Firearms

In the two years since the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Fla., there have been at least 700 mass shootings — defined as involving four or more victims — across... Read more

Arnold Foundation to Build $50M Philanthropic Research Fund to Study Gun Violence

Laura Arnold of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation announced at a Forbes Forum on philanthropy that the foundation plans to build a $50 million fund to support gun violence... Read more

10 Modest Steps to Cut Gun Violence

One reason Americans in their late teens are 82 times more likely to be murdered with guns than their peers in other advanced nations is simply that we are awash... Read more

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