It's Not Rocket Science

Posted: 10/25/2013 5:18 pm By: Marian Wright Edelman President, Children's Defense Fund Read more

What Do We Know About Gun Violence?

The research is intentionally underfunded, but some patterns are clear. Read more

NYAGV Education Fund’s reACTION After-School Program

By Shaina Harrison, Program Director, NYAGV Education Fund Read more

The Movement for Sensible Gun Regulations Strengthens after Newtown.

The effort to adopt sensible gun regulations has been stalemated for decades by gun rights folks who harbor irrational fears of government control and rely on a misinterpretation of the... Read more

President Obama speaks out on the Trayvon Martin case

In very personal terms our President, Barack Obama, spoke out on race in this country. In his gentle, non-threatening way, he spoke of what it is was like to be...

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