Mission statement



We were founded in response to the mass killings at Sandy Hook. The slaughter of first graders and their teachers by a man wielding a military assault rifle with large magazine clips was incomprehensible. We vowed that this time we would take action, that this time would be different.

Friends Against Violence Everywhere seeks sensible gun regulations at the federal, state and local level. Our goal is to mobilize large numbers in that effort, especially young people. We want assault weapons and large magazine clips banned. We want background checks made mandatory and gun trafficking made a federal crime.

While there are many groups seeking to curb gun violence, FAVE will pay special attention to getting young people involved in this cause and making young voices more prominent in the national conversation.
Ours is an inclusive, diverse organization. We welcome all who share our principles. As we see it, every child in this country is in the line of fire and each one of them is ours to protect.

FAVE is a work in progress with a long-term outlook. We intend to raise and address key issues. We aim to educate the public on guns and violence because we believe an informed public will support our goals.

We have been called to this cause by the innocent children and teachers who were gunned down at Sandy Hook. Please join us.



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