Because students are
in the line of fire

FAVE is a broadly based network of young people committed to reducing gun violence in our schools, neighborhoods, public spaces, faith communities, colleges and workplaces.

| June 28, 2017
In the rank confusion of Donald Trump’s preparations to assume power, there are some decisions that look as if they should be easy. Last week, Erica Lafferty wrote the President-elect an open letter asking him to cut ties with the conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.
| June 27, 2017
Baseball is, after all, our national pastime. And gun violence is our national shame, as American as apple pie and, yes, baseball.  
| June 26, 2017
Lee - For twenty-five years, I served as an agent at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Today, I want to talk to you about a bill that would make 1.3 million firearm silencers available for purchase without a background check. Then I am going to ask you to do something about it.
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