Because students are
in the line of fire

FAVE is a broadly based network of young people committed to reducing gun violence in our schools, neighborhoods, public spaces, faith communities, colleges and workplaces.

| November 04, 2016
Voter Guide
| October 15, 2015
 LAS VEGAS — The Democratic presidential candidates have thrust gun control forward as a dominant issue for the national election, signaling a sea change in the politics of a controversial subject that recent Democratic nominees have often avoided. http://wpo.st/8L2h0 
| October 02, 2015
Cuomo slams Congress for inaction on gun legislation In an interview on NY1 following the Oregon shooting, the New York governor said Democrats should threaten to shut down the government over the issue. By Associated Press 5 CommentsEmail Print 3600 Photo: Associated Press Governor Cuomo called Congress' legislative efforts a "disgrace"   New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says Washington's inaction on gun control is...
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