Because students are
in the line of fire

FAVE is a broadly based network of young people committed to reducing gun violence in our schools, neighborhoods, public spaces, faith communities, colleges and workplaces.

| August 14, 2017
Using her small arms, India Williams  hoisted herself out of her wheelchair and onto a blue mat. She raised her right arm  in front of her body and then her left, as a physical therapist coached the 10-year-old.
| August 12, 2017
An inspiring example can be an agent of change. Take Shanduke McPhatter, a former inmate on weapons and robbery convictions who has spent the last five years trying to curtail gun violence in his native Brooklyn.
| August 09, 2017
The first time Benjamin Bishop walked into Lock N Load and tried to buy a gun, employees at the Florida gun store turned him away — and rightly so. Bishop had been diagnosed with schizophrenia... 
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